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Lotus Outreach Society Canada
Business Number: 82220 0341 RT 0001 (incorporated Apr. 1, 2006)
Society Act Number: S-49742 (issued Sept. 26, 2005)


Your support makes all the difference. A small sum of money goes a long way in Cambodia, where over a third of the population lives on less than $1 per day.

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Here are some approximate examples of what your generosity (in Canadian dollars) can do to keep a girl in school, and change life for her, her family and her community:

$20.00 = Clean drinking and cooking water.
$25.00 = Rice for one girl’s family for one month.
$30.00 = 1 girl’s school books, stationery and school bag.
$45.00 = 2 sets of school uniforms, shoes and a raincoat.
$60.00 = A bicycle to safely travel long distances to school.
$100.00 = Medical coverage to 20 girls.
$150.00 = Rice to feed a girl’s family for 6 months - so that she can study.
$350.00 = A full scholarship for a girl for one academic year.
$2,100.00 = The education of one girl for six years.